The Oswaldo Cruz Path

23 jun/2015

Physicians arriving at Amorim station were met by a servant with saddle horses who led them to the buildings of the Oswaldo Cruz Institute. The employees who lived in the vicinity followed the path on foot.

As the years passed, a motorized vehicle was purchased, familiarly called the widow, which was for the director’s exclusive use. For many years it was the only vehicle on the grounds.

In order to provide shade along the path, 40 exotic fig trees of the Ficus Microcarpa species were planted, since at that time the soil was very arid.

Follow the symbol along the path and have an enjoyable walk.

Former Amorim Stop (now Manguinhos Station)

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Fiocruz Castle

This section represents the connection between the Oswaldo Cruz Path and the former Amorim Stop. Due to the construction of new buildings over the years, this path has been modified.