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Archival Science, Documentation, and Information

At the Casa de Oswaldo Cruz, research and professional practice go hand in hand in the fields of archival science, documentation, and information. Facets of the creation, preservation, and use of archival records are examined from the historical perspectives of archives, records, documentation, memory, and documental and cultural heritage. Other key research explores the personal archives of scientists, the archives of health institutions, the preservation of scientific memory, historical research, and the use and dissemination of archival records sources.

Research area


Collections and the Memory of Science and Technology in Health

Research is conducted from the historical perspective while also relying on approaches and methods from fields like administration, diplomacy, and sociology. Areas include the nature of records; the characteristics of different types of archives; the relation between archives collections and other kinds of collections, such as bibliographic and museological; the development of methodologies and technologies; the management of programs and services; and the role of archives in society.