Welcome to our new English-language website!

20 mar/2019

The Casa de Oswaldo Cruz is proud to announce the launch of its new English-language website, designed to serve as a powerful tool in furthering the internationalization of our activities. 

Our institute, a part of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), is a leading center in research and teaching in the fields of history, cultural heritage preservation, and science and health communication in Brazil and Latin America. For the past thirty years, we have maintained close ties with researchers and institutions around the globe. By making content available in English, our goal is to strengthen dialogue with current associates and attract a new and broader audience to our work and collections.

Visitors to the new site, which was developed by our in-house team, will find highlights of Casa de Oswaldo Cruz activities, the latest news from our research areas, and videos and other material tailored to the international public. There are also direct links to our researchers and administrators, as well as useful information on courses, potential partnerships, and collections held by Fiocruz. 

The launching of the website is just one of the ways the Casa de Oswaldo Cruz is fostering dialogue with the global community. Another invaluable contribution to this effort comes from the science journal História, Ciências, Saúde – Manguinhos, now celebrating its 25th anniversary. As a recognized presence in the academic community worldwide, the journal sets an inspiring example of how the circulation of ideas, along with interactions among a diverse array of actors, enhance the construction of scientific knowledge.

We look forward to sharing engaging content with you, and to hearing your feedback on our new site.


Paulo Elian
Director of the Casa de Oswaldo Cruz