Public Communication of Science

18 abr/2017

The Casa de Oswaldo Cruz conducts research into the public communication of science at museums and through the media. Three of its notable partnerships with other research groups in Brazil and abroad are: the Ibero-American Network for Monitoring and Training in Science Journalism (Cyted); the Network for Measuring the Impact of the Popularization of Science and Technology in Ibero-America (ReMIPCyT); and the Observatory of Museums and Cultural Centers (OMCC).

Research areas

Science, Communication, and Society
This group’s lines of research encompass the analysis of the activities in the public communication of science at science museums and through such means of communication as the internet, daily newspapers, television, cinema, and exhibits. Its ultimate goal is to enhance public communication of science activities at the Museum of Life.

Education, Culture, and Health
This group works to produce knowledge in the fields of education and the communication of science, technology, and health at museums. Researchers conduct ongoing and intermittent studies on museum audiences, perform evaluations of the Museum of Life, and undertake studies related to non-formal education, museology, and the social sciences.

Research groups certified by The National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq)

Science, Communication and Society
Science, Data, Networks and Metrics (Scimetrics)
Education, Science Museums and their audiences